Saturday, October 1, 2016

An 18-month-old Boy Comes to Clinic With a History of Eczematous Rash

An 18-month-old boy comes to clinic with a history of eczematous rash covering his extremities and face. His parents state that it worsens after the ingestion of certain foods. He has had increased fussiness over the last several months, as well as some difficulty gaining weight. Food allergy is suspected. Which of the following foods is NOT commonly implicated in food allergy?

A) Milk.
B) Corn.
C) Wheat.
D) Soy.
E) Egg.

Answer And Discussion

The correct answer is “B.”  Corn.

Corn is not often implicated in food allergies. Although many foods are potentially antigenic, the great majority of food allergies involve only a few foods. Studies have shown that eight foods account for 93% of reactions, and these foods are, in order of frequency,

  • egg, 
  • peanuts, 
  • milk, 
  • soy, 
  • tree nuts, 
  • fish, 
  • crustacean,
  • and wheat. 
Although these food allergies may be outgrown, sensitivity to peanut, tree nuts, fish, and crustacean
tend to be lifelong.
Peak incidence of food allergies occurs around age 1 year, with most allergies identified by age 2. Cow’s milk and egg allergies tend to resolve by adulthood.

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