Saturday, April 2, 2016

A 6 Year Old Child Presents With A Skin Erruption

This 6 year old child initially had a solitary oval patch on his trunk which was treated by the general practitioner with clotrimazole lotion considering it to be tinea corporis lesion. But after 5-7 days the eruption began to spread and affected mainly the trunk, back and proximal parts of upper limbs. It was associated with mild itching.The picture in closeup is shown below:

1. What is the most probable diagnosis?
2. What was that initial solitary lesion?
3. What are salient features of this eruption?
4. How long does this disease last?
5. How one should manage it?

Answers And Discussion:

A Case Of Partial Albinism (Piebaldism)

This neonate has a white forelock of hairs and patch of hypopigmentation on forehead. There are no other anomalies seen.

What is the most likely diagnosis?

Answer With Discussion: If only a patch of hypopigmentation on skin of forehead and white forelock
of hairs was present then it is suggestive of Partial Albinism also known as Piebaldism.